First Bass of 2015

Ok, so it was a white bass Winking smile.  We’re having a warm spell so I decided to take the day off yesterday and I took my son-in-law out to see if we could find some white bass.  I was hoping he would catch a few since he got skunked the last time I took him out. 


It was a beautiful day to be away from my desk and out on the water.


The white bass weren’t in the marina real thick like they are in December but we did manage to catch a few and Chris finally felt the tug at the end of his line.


Back in the saddle

I finally had some time to get out on the water so my buddy Tom and I headed out bright and early this morning and it turned out to be a good day. 60 degrees when we started out and a nice 79 when we got back to the ramp at 10 (I had to quit early due to having a lunch date with my wife and daughter). We both caught a couple of decent bass; I caught the one bass on a Senko and the bigger one on a jig, Tom caught his fish on a 5″ Senko (another Senko convert! Thumbs up. Too bad we can’t catch fish like this whenever I fish with him during one of his bass club open tournaments!


And, a couple of scenery pics…


The Perfect Day

I took my friend Tony and his grandson Joey, who are up here from Florida for a visit, out fishing yesterday morning. It was all about Joey, getting him into some bluegill and letting him “drive” my boat. 


Joey hooked into a nice carp with an ultralight rig with 2-pound test and managed to fight it and bring it in all by himself, which took over 5 minutes of screaming drag and finally, the net to bring the fish in.  I was sweating it the entire time, hoping the 2-pound test wouldn’t break.


Then, he schooled us on how to catch bluegill.


I also let “Captain Joey” drive my boat up and down the river which he really enjoyed.  I showed him how to trim the motor, turn the key and put it in gear but since I have a hot foot, I controlled the gas while I helped him steer.  He thought my top end of 40mph was “really fast” LOL


And to top off my day, I took Tony, who hasn’t fished fresh water in years, to an area where I was pretty sure he could catch a decent bass and let him throw a jig.  He promptly caught a 4-pounder, which made my day.  I was dying to wet a line but this day was for them, and I’ll get plenty of opportunities down the road.

Why I Love The Cumberland River

Met my friend at the ramp at 5:30 this morning (should have said 5) and I was really, really, really, really hoping that we would have weather like we’ve had the last 2 days; overcast and no wind. Well, we got the no wind all right, but what clouds there were cleared out by 8 and it got hot fast.

IMG_0048 (2)IMG_0050 (2)IMG_0052 (2)

I got to witness a nice sunrise while waiting for my friend to show up and we caught a few decent bass so life is good . Water temps were right around 74 and the water was pretty clear today.

I caught all my fish on a 4″ black Senko (never saw that coming, did you ) and my buddy caught his on a white finesse worm and a shad-colored Senko knockoff, and one on a spinnerbait.


We caught all our fish very close to rip rap or rocks/rock bluffs, basically anywhere there was shade. We both tried topwater lures early on with no luck. What made it a really good day was that due to it being a weekday, there were only a few other boats on the water today

If You’re Catching Fish, Don’t Move

I committed one of the cardinal sins of fishing today, which is “don’t leave an area if you’re catching fish.”  I arrived at the ramp just before dawn and started catching fish right away.  A lot of small and medium ones,  with a few bigger ones thrown in but they were in that marina this morning.


I fished the marina lagoon for about 45 minutes, then had the great idea to run upriver in search of white bass.  As you can tell by the glaring lack of white bass pics, I never did find them.  An interesting side note; as I was drifting back downstream and passed under the 13/48 bridge, I started seeing a huge school of fish on my fish finder.  They were in 20-30 feet of water, suspended 2-10 feet off the bottom and I saw fish for at least 20 yards.  No idea what they were; I stopped and threw a jig, a redeye shad (in case they were white bass) a 10″ plastic worm, a chatterbait, and a deep-diving crank bait.  Nothing.  Could have been carp or gar for all I know.

A Crappie, Finally

Gorgeous spring day out today; too bad I have a ton of yard work to do this week, otherwise I’d still be out on the water. Caught my first legal crappie and a couple of decent bass plus a bunch of dinks this morning, and spent a lot of time taking pics with my new camera and lens. I did find out that taking pictures of birds in flight with a zoom lens is quite hard when you’re in a bobbing boat. Now I have some bushes to dig up and some roses to plant. Vacation, indeed

The fish:


The scenery and wildlife pics:


It’s Been A While

Between the cold winter we had here and some stuff I’ve been busy with lately, I haven’t had the chance to head out.  Today, we finally had some (halfway) decent weather so Tom and I headed out on the river.  I say halfway decent weather because all morning, we had a cold, hard wind blowing us all over the water.  The front that came through last night shut the fish down for the most part; we caught a few dinks (LM & spotted bass) but no keepers.

We did manage to find some white bass which was fun, they were all the size of the fish above and were caught on Blue Fox silver inline spinners and Little Cleo blue/silver spoons.

I recently upgraded the fish finder on the bow to an Elite 7x HDI and had the hardest time trying to figure out why it wouldn’t show the downscan this morning and after I played with it a while and started getting frustrated, I realized that during setup, I had chosen a generic transducer, not the HDI one smile_embaressed.  Once I corrected that, I started getting great downscan images and life was good LOL.